The Witcher 3 Review

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. I am currently back on medicine for the issues that I’ve been dealing with. Mostly I was having trouble sleeping which tended to make the situation worse. I will post another blog entry that serves as more of an update on where […]

Latest update and other stuff

I am now two days away from being off antipsychotic drugs and a couple weeks longer of being off antidepressants. I find that as more time passes, the more difficult it gets. Last time I saw my doctor she wanted to up my antidepressant dose. She seemed to think that my fatigue and apathy is […]

And so it begins

Last night marked the beginning of getting off of antipsychotic drugs. This first day has been okay. I am also about a week or two out from being off of my antidepressant as well. So far that has gone fairly well. I haven’t had any major withdrawal symptoms that I’ve been able to notice. I’ve […]

Adjusting to reality

I feel like my life has slowly disintegrated over the past few years. I now spend most of my days at home where I find myself talking into my phone to people I somehow believe can hear me. Of course these people have never been seen nor do they ever show up. It’s been about […]

Here comes Summer

It has now been exactly two years since I first started hearing voices. I never expected it to last as long as it has. To be honest, it feels like a lot longer than just two years. I wake up in the morning and hear people talking, and I go to sleep at night hearing […]

Accepting Failure

Hello again. I realize that I continue to avoid the fact that I may very well be suffering from schizophrenia. For the last twenty months or so I’ve been hearing things. It really struck me just how much my life seems to have been engulfed by this. My brother and family came into town a […]

The Mountains

He looked up at the mountains in awe and wonder. Something was happening inside of him that he had never felt before. For just a moment he felt as though he could fly. Where would he go? How high would he climb? It seemed as if the wind were picking him up like he were […]