Biology, City of Angels, and Video Games

So I just took my biology test. I swear the questions are always worded in the strangest way. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m guessing I made another C at best. However, I’d be more than happy to walk away with a B. Either way it seems like it’s going to take every last effort to remain at a passing grade. Extra credit? You better believe I’m getting all the extra points that she offers.

I noticed right when I got to school that my a.d.d. meds had kicked in. I was so much more focused and participatory. I have a new strategy this time with the stimulants. Due to the fact that when they actually work that it’s like a night and day difference, I have decided to take precautions so as not to build up a tolerance to them. The plan is to take at least 48 hours per week, probably on the weekends, where I don’t take them at all. I’m even doing that a little bit during the week. I just know that tolerance can be built fast and I want them to operate at full capacity every time I take them. I’ve also changed my mindset about how they work. I got to the point where I expected the meds to automatically change me. Now I am aware that the meds are there to assist me. I still have to point my mind in the direction that I want it to go. They aren’t miracle pills.

Anyway, I was listening to some of the “City of Angels” score on the way home. Every time I hear it, it paints such a vivid image from the movie. SPOILER ALERT! There’s a beautiful moment when one of the angels comes to him after she’s died and ask him a question. “If you had known this was going to happen, would you have done it?” Nicholas Cage responds, “that he would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it….one.” There is a similar scene in the “Lord of the Rings” films in which Arwen says to Aragorn, “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” Again we see a character giving up immortality to share time with the one they love. I think that’s amazing.

Anywho, my Xbox One arrived like two days ago and I haven’t even opened it yet. I’ve been too concerned with this biology class. I think I’m really going to like the Xbox One. At first I really wanted to get a PS4, but you don’t find many deals on those systems. It’s no secret that Sony is outselling Xbox two to one. Even though I got a really good deal on the system, I debated for a while whether or not to actually buy it. The reason the deal was so good is because E3 just happened and Microsoft announced their updated Xbox One which will be called Xbox One S. It’s a slimmer model that will feature HDR and I’ve I’m not mistake it will be able to upscale games to 4k. Then, in 2017 they are going to be coming out with another gaming machine, which right now they are calling project Scorpio. This machine will be the most powerful system to date, even the current PS4. It will apparently be a higher end gaming machine with native 4k output and VR capability. That’s a lot of stuff going on within the next year right?

So with the new Xbox One S coming out in time for this Christmas, the original Xbox one has and will probably continue to see price drops on different bundles. My logic was, I don’t currently own a 4k tv and probably won’t have the money to buy one for a while and with Microsoft promising that the games being released will be supported by all three systems (how that works I’m not sure), I’ll snag a discounted Xbox One. Apparently PS4 is gearing up for 4k as well with perhaps their PS4.5 update which I don’t think they’ve released the info about. 4k appears to be the future for television, gaming, films, etc. However, even with the amount of 4k tv’s on the market and all the talk about it, I still think that the majority of people will be slow to fully switch over.

Yes I know that PS4 fanboys will tell me how the PS4 is better and has better exclusives and actually runs at 1080p, but honestly if you sit the PS4 and Xbox One side by side with the same game, the naked eye is really not going to be able to tell that much difference. I’m just interested in playing the latest games and most of the games I want to play are cross platform although I am disappointed that I can’t play the remastered copy of “The Last of Us”. Here is another huge plus in favor of Xbox, backwards compatibility. There are a bunch of Xbox 360 games that I’d like to play and you factor in that Microsoft just announced that “Red Dead Redemption” will be backwards compatible on July 8th, and that it’s on sale on Xbox live for less than 8 bucks……can someone say winning.

There’s no doubt that Sony has the upper hand when it comes to profit, but for a budget gamer like myself, Microsoft is where it’s at. Besides “The Witcher 3” being one of the first games I’d like to play I also picked up “Assassins Creed: Unity” for like 3 dollars online. I was planning on purchasing “Batman: Arkham Knight” since the game is going for pretty cheap right now, but I just read that there may be a Game of the Year edition coming out towards the end of this month. I may just wait and see what happens with that.

I got the bundle that comes with the Kinect. I realize that Microsoft has kind of abandoned support for the Kinect, but from what I read it does a great job with voice commands. Apparently it can turn tv, sound system, console, etc. on just by a voice command. Yes I know some of you are thinking, are you that lazy. The answer is no, but that type of technology does interest me. There was a bundle that came with 5 games for a decent price, but I decided to get a cheaper bundle and decide to purchase the games of my choosing. Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough about video games.

I’ve got to go do an assignment for some bonus points. As I’ve always said, if there is an opportunity to get bonus points you have to take it. To me, it’s the equivalent of free points. Trust me, I need every last point that I can get. Till next time.


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