Clothes and Phones

Well today I finally decided to go through stacks of clothes that had been sitting there for months. One of the main reasons they sat there was because I didn’t want to see how many items no longer fit me. I knew before I started that mostly all of them no longer fit, but it’s definitely confirmed now. I filled three bags full of clothes and put them away. I intend on wearing them again one day, but for now they’ll have to go into storage. This just means I’m going to have to buy some more clothes because what I can wear is not a very large selection. I need to say that I hate buying clothes. I don’t enjoy the process at all. You can imagine if I didn’t enjoy it when I was thinner, it won’t be any more pleasurable now that I’ve gained so much weight. I mean seriously, some of the shirts that I put away, I thought to myself, I was just wearing this last year. I have probably four pairs of jeans that no longer fit and several pairs of shorts that won’t button. I guess it is what it is. For now I suppose it will be back to xx shirts. Anywho, that’s about all I’ll say about that. If I keep talking about it, it’ll just get me down.

On an entirely different note, I finally finished reading “The Rosie Effect”. It only took me a little over a year. It was pretty good, but no where near as good as the previous book “The Rosie Project.” I currently have several books in my kindle library that I need to star reading. I snagged a copy of “The Wayward Pines” when it was on sale a few months ago. The most recent book I started is actually more like a series. It’s season one of “Yesterday’s Gone”. I’m not very far into it, but I like the premise. Right now people are waking up in their houses or apartments and people are missing. It’s as if everyone is gone and the people that are actually left have no clue what’s going on. I’ll be interested to see how it unfolds.

I still don’t have a phone. I’ve decided to wait a few more days because that’s when the new model of the phone that I had comes out. It’s a budget phone, if you can really call it that. Let’s just say it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the latest iphone or any of the ‘flagship’ phones from other companies. I’ve thought about switching over to an iphone in the past, but I guess I’m lean more toward the android camp. Apple makes wonderful products, but they refuse to add a micro sd slot to their phones. It makes sense from a business standpoint I suppose. I mean, if you want more storage than the base model they’ll gladly give it to you for a higher price. Whenever I’m looking at a phone, if there is no sd card option, I don’t even give it a second glance. My last phone only had like 8 gigs of space, but I just stuck a 32 gb sd card and boom, happy camper. Also, with some phones supporting even higher storage capacities such as 64 or 128 gigs with an sd card, why would I pay apple so much more for their highest capacity phone.

The most appealing thing about apple products is how seamlessly they work together. Also their OS is very stable. They also don’t have the dumbest names for each iteration of their OS, like Google has with Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, and now their latest, Marsmallow. I mean seriously? I don’t really do anything with it, but I’ve always enjoyed the fact that Android is open source. I can’t speak with experience on this, but I imagine it’s also easier to root an android phone than to jailbreak an iphone. Maybe not. If I owned an iphone I probably wouldn’t bother jailbreaking it. Also with android it really depends on the phone to see if it’s worth rooting or not. It most definitely is if there is heavy bloatware that you need to disable. Google is also a little lax when it comes to fixing glitches or problems in their code. There are tons of threads online where people have reported having the exact same issue and there’s no doubt that Google is aware of it. Many times though, the update to fix it either is a long time coming or never comes at all.

I’m not sure how I got off into all that, but yes, I will have a phone again soon. I will leave  you with a little fact that I learned not too long ago. Apparently, a person is more likely to retain the knowledge of what they read if they are reading from a regular book vs an e-book. That doesn’t make me want to toss my kindle to the side, but it’s interesting nonetheless.


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