“I’m not a scientist”


I’m currently playing catch up with “The Walking Dead”. I should have posted some kind of spoiler alert, so here it is…SPOILER ALERT. Eugene is not a scientist. When I was first introduced to Eugene many episodes ago, one of the first things learned about him was that he was a scientist who knew how to fix this whole zombie situation. Abraham and his crew were on a mission to get him to Washington D.C. so that he could save the world.

I’ll have to admit, he’s a bit of a peculiar character for many reasons, but I totally did not expect the curve ball of him just being an average dude who was afraid to be left alone. I mean, I totally get that in prior episodes he is shown to have almost no survival skills, but I just attributed that to other factors. The episode as a whole was a slower paced one, as we saw the DC team finding shelter after their bus crashed. The thing I’m most interested in seeing is just how this affects Abraham. I mean, the whole thing that seemed to be driving is character was making sure that Eugene made it safely to DC. He’s already let out his frustration by knocking out Eugene with one bad ass punch to the face, but what will he do now? Will the rest of the gang now link back up with Rick and the others? The most hilarious part of the situation was that Eugene kept saying “But I am smarter than you”, as if that was supposed to make everybody feel better. All I know is that if he is going to survive much longer, he’s going to have to learn quickly. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.



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