Xbox One = Good Decision

So I finally fired up the Xbox and I can’t believe I’m just now getting back into gaming. The menus on the Xbox will take some getting used to. I used to play a friend’s PS3 so I’m a little more familiar with it, but I don’t think it will take long to get used to this. One thing I had read about before getting one is that it comes with a HUGE power block, and let me tell you they weren’t joking. The slimmer version is supposed to get rid of that, but it’s not that big of a deal. Apparently I’ll need to get me some rechargable batteries for my controller since it takes AA’s. My absolute favorite thing about the controller is the headphone jack. I love wearing headphones and I feel more immersed in the game with headphones. Another thing I noticed was how much I enjoyed the feel of the Xbox one controller. Again I was more familiar with Sony’s PS3 controller, but holding this controller and getting used to the button layout feels pretty effortless.

After the initial system updates were loaded, I popped in “Red Dead Redemption”. It needed to load a small update, but as soon as it finished I was ready to play. Now let me say that I’m not completely out of the loop when it comes to video games. Thankfully, as I said, I had a couple of friends who had PS3’s and was able to play some games on them so it’s not like I’m coming from the 16 bit era or something. However, I was still very impressed with “Red Dead Redemption’s” graphics. It’s a last gen game being an Xbox 360 game, but it looks quite good. What was funny was when I went on patrol at night on the ranch and was trying to aim at the rabbits and coyotes. Let’s just say it may take me a bit to get used to the aiming system. I’m also curious as to what the undead nightmare will be like. I’m assuming that it replaces the people with zombies, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll wait to finish the original game before diving into that.

I like the fact that the Xbox Live Gold membership gives you a choice of a few free games each month. Granted, they may not be the greatest games every time, but it looks like they have some really good ones on there every so often. Choosing between the Xbox One and PS4 was a tough decision. What it really came down to for me was pricing and backwards compatibility. There are a lot of older games that I’m sure I would enjoy playing and having that option is something I enjoy. I’ll leave you with a funny video from the Big Bang Theory that involves Sheldon trying to decide between the two systems.




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