Sleeping, Walking Dead, and Emilia Clarke

I didn’t sleep very well last night. The air conditioning is out downstairs and I’ve been using a big floor fan to cool off. Unfortunately, that means that I’m more susceptible to hearing things while it’s running. I found myself getting up and down to turn it off and on throughout the night. I could barely stay awake during lecture today. I’m feeling a bit better now, but I’m hopeful I’ll sleep better tonight.

Today is Amazon Prime day. Lots of things are on sale just for today. I looked at a bunch of stuff, but I really can’t afford to be spending a lot of money right now. I did however purchase some rechargeable batteries that comes with the charger. I’ll mainly use it to swap out the batteries in my xbox controller, but rechargeable batteries are always good to have on hand. I have some family in town and I hope to get to spend some more time with them tonight because I didn’t really get to yesterday.

So I’m sitting in class today and I don’t know where these next thoughts came from, but I felt alone for a few moments. I’m not the oldest person in class, but I’m definitely not the youngest. Then the thought raced through my mind about all the time that I wasted. I know that I can’t go back and change anything, but I started to think about what it would be like to be in school at a younger age. The feeling of being alone in a crowd is something I’ve experienced quite a bit as of late. I can be in a room full of people and suddenly just feel so alone. I remember that the Lord made me a promise and He has definitely kept up His end of the deal. I am so thankful for the brothers that I have in my small group. I never would have imagined I could share such a bond with other men. We encourage one another and have each other’s back. I pray for them and I’m certain that they pray for me as well.

I feel guilty for saying this after I’ve just said all of that, but I long for a companion to walk through and share this life with. I’ve paused after that last sentence for about the last five minutes because I don’t know what else to say. That’s a good clue for me to move on to another subject. I enjoyed the episode of “The Walking Dead” that I watched last night. It was a slower paced episode that really focused on Daryl and Carol. I saw Carol being rushed into the hospital a few episodes ago, but I finally got to see why. I think the episode did a good job of using conversations between both Daryl and Carol to really drive the point home that this whole zombie thing has changed them quite a bit. Carol has come a long way from being the woman who put up with her abusive husband. I like the fact that I’ve seen her gradually change over the course of five seasons. Mostly all the main characters have benefited from really good writing.

Okay so I’m going to end this by changing the subject one more time. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned my semi-obsession with Emilia Clarke, but I’ve been watching all kinds of interviews with her. She seems so down to earth and overall just a happy individual. I’m going to leave you with a short clip from an interview where at the end she plays heads up with Ellen Degeneres and has to talk in different accents. I nearly burst out laughing when she gets to the Mexican accent. You can skip to about the 3 minute mark if you don’t want to watch the entire interview.



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