He is forever faithful

I had another ‘self counseling’ session with myself this afternoon. What I discovered during this time of introspection is that I’m going to be alright. I should say more specifically, my Lord Jesus Christ remains with me. Many times I am in much need of a reminder that His work is finished. My current situation or circumstances can easily draw my attention away from the truth. Even at this present moment, He remains King of kings and Lord of lords. His promise of peace still stands true. He says it is not a peace like the world gives, but it is His peace. He says I am the Lord that holds you in the storm. I can give a command and the storm will cease, says the Lord. The wind and the waves, they answer to me, says the Lord. I invite you to come up to where I am, indeed, for that is where you truly are, far above these things that you call trouble. You are seated with Me in heavenly places, says the Lord. 

Soon and very soon says the Lord, I will return for you. My coming will be like lightning in the sky. You already have My Holy Spirit, says the Lord. That is merely a deposit, for the fullness of that payment awaits. You do not fully understand now, nor are you always aware of the many ways in which I protect you. One day soon, all will become crystal clear and you will see Me in all My fullness, says the Lord. When that day comes, says the Lord, there will be no mistake of who is Master and who is Lord. For the whole earth will see Me. Those who have believed and have trusted in Me will inherit the glorious Kingdom that I have prepared for them. There will also be those who did not believe who will see Me. For every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am Lord, to the glory of the Father.

I am faithful to finish the work I have begun. You need not be afraid, says the Lord. For I am always with you. 

I thank the Lord God Almighty. Sometimes in writing, something like this will happen. He is truly an awesome God and a good Father. He is forever faithful. If you are a reader, thanks again so much. Till next time.


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