Thoughts about John Nash

I’ve been reading some in Sylvia Nasar’s book “A Beautiful Mind”. It seems that John Nash was quite a loner throughout his life. The picture is clearly portrayed of a very lonely and peculiar man. He was picked on and teased by others throughout his childhood and even on into college. This led to him pulling pranks on other students and causing quite a lot of mischief. I was also reminded, which is something that the movie does not delve into, that he had homosexual tendencies toward other men and apparently acted on them or intended on acting upon them.

It just seems to me, from the little that I’ve read, that he was very lonesome. I mean he did end up being married and his wife played a key role in his life, but he still seemed unfulfilled. I was always interested in learning more about his childhood and earlier years, before he started exhibiting clear signs of schizophrenia at age 30. I am a big believer in the affect that an individual’s environment can have up him. Though, in saying that, I do not discredit genetics. I most certainly believe in hereditary traits as well.

Both can and do play key roles in what makes us who we are. I’ve no doubt exhausted as many stories as I can from my mother about my father’s side of the family. I never really knew any of his family. They had either passed away or weren’t around. I can recall stories my dad has told me in addition to what my mom has said. Searching for answers is a common theme for me these days. I still feel like it’s my mission to understand how and/or why I started hearing voices. Some may say that those questions are not important. Let those people start hearing voices and I guarantee you that it will become important to them. So far the answers have eluded me, but I’m not going to give up. Thanks for reading. Till next time.


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