Found out what hospital means

For those of you that read my blog, do you remember my entry about old journals? Well, in that blog I said that I heard the word hospital. I had posted that on Monday. Tuesday, I am talking with a friend, and as it turns out, his mother had a relapse with her cancer. He said she was in the hospital having surgery. This is not the first time that this has happened with me hearing something and it being related to him and or his wife. Almost a year ago I heard the word miscarriage. I kept thinking why am I hearing this word. I found out a few weeks later that his wife had a miscarriage.

These could just be coincidences, but if they are then they are coincidences that are happening to me nearly every day or at least many times a week. If there is anyone who is reading this that maybe could provide some insight into what’s been happening to me, I would be most grateful. Till next time.


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