Things I’m hearing part II

Today, the usual took place again. This time it happened in rapid succession. Within the span of maybe two or three hours I heard several different words and then people would say them. It’s almost like it’s occurring more often now. Everyone I talk to seems to be oblivious as to what is happening to me. I’m pretty sure that my former best friend and her parents think that I’m crazy. I have the men from my group that I go to and thank God for them because just being able to talk to them about it has been helpful. Though I still feel very much alone when it comes to people identifying with me on what’s happening to me.

Here are some of the things that I heard that didn’t play out in front of me within the last 24 hours or so. “passwords” “Dutch Sheets” “resurrection” “He’s had anxiety” “mighty” “revival” “Why did you lie to him?” “Jacob’s ladder” “checks and balances” “George Washington” “I’m sorry” “I didn’t see his face” or “You should’ve seen his face” “private property”

Now if you can make anything of that then be my guest because I haven’t yet. It’s like little conversations that I only pick up on bits and pieces. I feel like a broken record cause I’ve probably said that a doze times already. Oh well, till next time.


One thought on “Things I’m hearing part II

  1. Hi this is really none of my business but I went through something similar few years ago , I was giving meaning to the voices I heard which at the time I totally believed but in hindsight . I was adding the meaning like I have been through this before or heard it before, even went through a phase were I thought people could hear my thoughts in the past? And again I totally believed it at the time but with time and some study into hearing voices I realised , that it was me giving the meaning to the voices I heard. If you are looking to give meaning to the voices I suggest starting with Eleanor longden on ted talks . I would also suggest talking to councillor or some professional about it this usually helps me put things in perspective. I wish you the best on your journey, and again I am no expert so look up hearing voices yourself see what’s out there.


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