Things I’m hearing part III

Last night my brother and I were watching a movie. As we were watching it I thought I heard someone say “send him back”, and “it’s not his time yet.” I don’t know who they were referring to, but I really think that’s what I heard. That’s probably one of the stranger things that I’ve heard recently. I talked with my brother this morning about me hearing things. I’ve talked with him before about it, and today I still felt like he wasn’t too concerned with it. I know my brother loves me, but I don’t think I’m getting my point across about what’s really going on. Either people really don’t believe me when I say I’m hearing voices from the future, or they think I’m crazy. Maybe they really just don’t care.

I’ve been spending time wondering what it must have been like to listen to Ezekiel or John the Revelator or any of the prophets who saw the things that they saw or heard what they heard. I mean were they sitting in the tent and Ezekiel just says, “Hey guys, let me tell you about this vision I had. I saw some living beings and a wheel within a wheel. The living creatures moved around like lightning.” What were the other guys thinking as they heard this?

Short blog for now. Till next time.


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