Things I’m Hearing Part IV

Okay, so I have a new theory as to what may be happening. I plan on making an appointment with a doctor on Monday to see if they may have missed something. I believe that there must be some physical explanation as to what’s been going on. This is me again trying to find an answer. A little over a year ago I was fine. I felt like I was making great strides in my life. I was in probably the best physical shape that I’ve ever been in. Everything was going great and then I started hearing the voices. I’ve said this before, but one of the very first voices I remember hearing said, “He won’t go to the hospital.”

The thing is, I’ve had all kinds of tests run on me and they’ve all come back normal. I’ve still been thinking, what if I have a tumor in my brain that is causing all of these things? The reason I am saying this is because it occurred to me today that I’ve had a lot of old memories and things that I wouldn’t likely recall pop up in my head. This one isn’t old, but it’s just so completely out in left field. I heard the name “Cindy Davenport Allen.” That’s a person that I met probably six years ago, and I only met her for a day or two. I’ve also heard the words “terminal” and “cancer.” Here’s some more things I’ve heard recently “David” “Geronimo” “Hader” “Adam” “Saturn or pattern” “System”

I feel like my mind is pulling things from all over the place. I need to go back in to the doctor anyway to have my liver retested because they said my enzymes were high and to talk to him about a gallbladder polyp that they found. That was over four months ago probably. I’m going back to talk to him and see if there are more tests that they can run. He’s a good doctor so I’m confident that he will do whatever he thinks is best for me. I’m just not entirely convinced that this is all psychological. I am hoping that they don’t find anything, but if they did it would answers so many questions.

I’ve included a link to an online forum where people are describing their epileptic seizures and the deja vu/psychic feelings that they get. Many of them sound almost identical to what I believe I’m experiencing.

Forum Link


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