Terminal, Cancer, Babylon

Remember my last blog entry when I said that I heard the words “terminal” and “cancer.” Well, just as it has been happening for the past year, those were future words said by someone else. Today, our pastor told the story of how he received the news several years ago that his father had cancer and that it was terminal. This is becoming a regular thing for me. I’m hearing things and then they happen. I would also like to give you an update on something else I learned about New York City and Babylon.

Here is an excerpt that I got from another website, which I’ve provided a link to.

Revelation 17:18; & 18: 11-19… Did you know that when ships coming in to the harbor facilities of New York City make their final approach to the Harbor channel shipping lanes…they have to come in from the south… heading due North straight for a spot on Long Island called … BABYLON !!! That’s right, the city of Babylon, which features a tall water tower that ship captains use to navigate directly into the harbor channel… and they come within 200 to 300 yards of the shore before turning west to head into the port. It is from this vantagepoint that I believe Revelation 18: 17-19 takes place. From this vantage point…on the deck of a ship…one could quite easily read the letters of the name Babylon on the city water tower!!! Talk about literal?? Now that is indeed literal.

Where the quote above came from

Now tell me, after everything I’ve already said in a previous blog post about New York City and Babylon, is that not creepy? I mean I feel like it’s all there in black and white, crystal clear for all to see. I don’t know if it means that just New York City will be destroyed or if all of America will also go under. If New York is destroyed though, it would be a devastating blow to the rest of the world economically. I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that New York City fits the description of Babylon in the Bible down to the minute details. If Donald Trump wins the election, which I believe he will, I think we are about to enter into a tumultuous time. Let me remind you of Revelation 17:16

16And the ten horns and the beast that you saw will hate the prostitute. They will leave her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

Time is short and things are beginning to come to a head. We are rapidly approaching the return of Jesus. The Lord told me to tell His church not to be afraid and that He is her defense. We need to be ready.


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