Prayer for Rochelle

Today I had a person’s name come across my mind and so I’m just going to pray for that person because prayer is always useful. Father God, today I pray for Rochelle. I pray that you would bless her in every area of her life. If she is facing trials or difficulties Father, I pray that you would remind her of how much You love her and of Your good plans for her life. You have such excellent and wonderful plans for Rochelle. Nothing is impossible for you God and I believe that Rochelle will be full of your joy and peace. I believe that she will be a blessing to those around her and that when she walks into a place that she will be able to change the atmosphere in the room just by your Holy Spirit living on the inside of her.

Father I thank you right now for what you are doing in Rochelle’s life. You fight for her and defend her Father, and you call her your beloved daughter. I just pray for a soothing peace right now God. May she possess your peace, the peace that your Son Jesus walked in while He was on the earth. Thank you again Father for Rochelle and I ask all of these things in Jesus name. Amen.


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