Fall, School, and the good ole days

I’m not feeling well today. I think my lunch choice probably has a lot to do with it, but honestly I think I’m not drinking enough water. I think my next appointment with my doctor is in a couple more weeks. I plan on letting her know that the medicine I’m taking for the “voices” is not working. I just feel bloated, fat, and really blah today. It also marked my return to work at my local community college. I spent most of the day cleaning up areas and organizing things. My coworkers/supervisors wanted me back. I was not the first person that was available for the position, but they insisted that they wanted me back. Normally I don’t talk about things like that, but it made me feel really good.

It’ll be nice to have a sense of schedule back in my life. Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes football season, cooler weather, and a fresh start. I’m ready to get back into running again. I’ve put on so much weight and really just haven’t given much thought to it as of late. I sure do miss those days of being 60 to 70 pounds lighter and feeling like I actually had some quickness and agility. I need to be level headed and realize that I’m not going to start out running and be at the same level I was at a year ago. That doesn’t mean that I can’t one day return to that level or maybe even surpass it, but that definitely won’t happen for a while and I need to be content with it.

This semester looks promising as far as my classes are concerned. I’m only taking two classes, western civilization, and anthropology. It might be too soon to tell, but I believe I’m really going to enjoy these classes. Anthropology is a social science that has tones of sociology involved, but it goes a bit deeper. Western civilization seems interesting because our teacher said we would talk about current events as well as events throughout history. I’ll also be studying to take several different IT certification exams, including the one that I failed last year.

I still get nervous when I’m in the classroom, especially the first few days. What I’ve noticed from reading body language is that there are quite a lot of people who are nervous too. Observing other people tends to help me, because seeing other people being anxious is a little bit calming. I try to sit toward the back of the room so that I can observe people’s tendencies. Where are their feet pointed? Toward the door, or toward the cute girl or guy they are interested in. Locking your ankles when you sit is usually a closed position. Of course, a person with closed ankles could just be really comfortable sitting that way. It’s the same thing with arms crossed, which is a usual sign of being defensive or closed off. You have to look at several different things, not just one or two. Do they fall into a particular pattern or is it just a them thing?

Normally, when people are standing in a circle talking, their feet will point toward the person that they feel most comfortable with. Also, think about this. When people meet for the first time, they rarely ever stand and talk directly at the person. If you’ll look closely the two people will more than likely be standing at an angle to one another. My favorite thing to watch for is the infamous hair flip/toss from a woman. Women will jerk their head to flip their hair when walking by someone who they wish to gain attention from. Yesterday I rode in an elevator with a very attractive lady. We got off on different floors, but when she got off she did not one, but two hair flips. Sadly, even though I act as if I know a lot about body language, I don’t have the guts to approach women.

I still can remember the day that I first met my ex-girlfriend. It still strikes me as a very odd day, mainly because I don’t think I’ve had the same boldness that I did since that day. In fact, I’m really surprised that I didn’t talk myself out of it, as I usually would have done. We were at church and she seemed to be a visitor. I had no idea if she would be coming back after this service or not. I walked over and I believe she was coming back to her seat, and I said “I just wanted to tell you that you’re very pretty.” What happened next was totally breaking the body language etiquette. She gave me a hug and told me that she really needed to hear that. Next time we spoke, I think she sealed the deal when she said she liked the Dave Matthews Band.

Nearly thirteen years later, I feel privileged to have shared a good many of those years with her. She truly was my closest friend. The things I’ll miss the most are things that we never really got to do. I’m still trying to get some of the guys to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, something that she truly enjoyed. Unfortunately, I think there are only two others besides me that have showed any interest. I’ve also seen a Dragon Age game for the Xbox that I’m most certain she would have enjoyed. I remember when she was playing the last one, I didn’t even know anything about the game and I called it stupid. Hmm, I wonder if that had anything to do with her saying “We never do anything fun.” Even then I was still a pompous ass in many respects toward her.

I don’t think she would like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. That’s what I’m currently trying to wade through. Well, she might, but she wouldn’t want to sneak around because she never liked sneak attacks like in Metal Gear Solid. She was more guns a blazin’, if you know what I’m sayin’. Sorry, that was a poor attempt at humor. I also saw that a regular actor got fired from Criminal Minds a few weeks ago. I don’t think he was one of her favorites from the show, but I was curious how she would have reacted to it.

When it comes to Assassin’s Creed, I’ve spent quite a lot of time just going to find treasure chests. There was one mission where I accused the wrong person of murder, which affected my reward money. I feel like Spiderman when I’m leaping from rooftop to rooftop, or climbing to the top of a viewpoint. I’m really just biding time until “The Witcher 3” GOTY edition comes out in just about another week. Oh, and have you seen the trailer for the new Zelda game that’s coming out? Ocarina of Time might just get dethroned as the greatest Zelda game of all time, at least in my book. Damn Nintendo! You know I don’t own a Wii U!

Till next time.


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