Cough medicine and babies

I’ve been struggling with some congestion and a really bad cough for the last several days. I went to the store early this morning to get some non drowsy cough medicine because all I had was NyQuil. I took the recommended dose, and then a couple hours later I took another dose. I don’t know what they put in that cough medicine, but it had me feeling high while I was at school/work. I felt like the room was spinning while I was standing still or while walking. I was so out of it that I even told my supervisor about my auditory hallucinations. It kinda just came out. I told him that I was a little bit loopy from the cough medicine. I even joked that they gave me some truth serum, because that’s what it felt like.

I told him how I had been to several different doctors and I told him about the recurring deja vu. I was going through my spiel about how I thought it was seizure related and yada yada yada and he didn’t even bat an eye. Maybe I was a little out of it to gauge his reaction totally, but it didn’t seem to phase him that I had just said that I have auditory hallucinations. I had remembered that he had said his first wife was diagnosed as bi-polar. He had said that she died of an overdose on some medicine. We also talked about video games and Lord of the Rings. He’s a really cool guy to work for. I’m still just surprised at how easily I told him about hearing things. I’m going to blame the cough medicine for that.

Yesterday, I had called up my cousin to talk about the issues I’ve been having. We’ve talked about it before, but this time I felt like he was giving me the generic response. He said, “If I was you I’d just run with it.” This past year has definitely been the strangest year of my life. It has completely changed my entire perception of time, spirits, and life in general. You can’t hear something that hasn’t happened yet and not have it impact you in some way. I don’t know how much people actually believe me when I tell them that I heard the very thing that’s happening now, earlier in the day. The hardest part though is the fact that I still am putting voices that I know behind the actual voices I’m hearing. So when I think I’m hearing people talk, it sounds like people that I know. In reality, it is often times that I’m hearing people I’ve never met. I’m hearing conversations that have not taken place yet.

That’s why I’m saying that it’s really changed the way I perceive time. I also believe that I have heard my own baby being born. I’ve heard someone say “push”, and I’ve actually heard a baby cry. I believe that the birth will need the use of forceps. I keep getting that word “forceps”. Who know’s? Maybe it’s not my future wife’s baby, but I don’t see why I would be present at someone else’s birth, if you know what I’m saying. I already have a name picked out. I don’t quite know what to do with these bits of information, seeing as if I am currently single, and haven’t been on a date in several years.

That’s just it though. If I’ve had other things I heard that came true, who is to say that what I’m hearing about the baby won’t come true too? I’ll tell you one thing. I’m tired of feeling under the weather. I’m hopeful that this cough and congestion go away promptly. I’m ready to actually have a decent night’s sleep again. That’s all for now. Till next time.


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