Culture and environment

I’m sitting here at school with time to kill. My supervisor isn’t here today and there really isn’t much to do work wise. I ended up waiting on getting the Witcher 3. It was going to be more than what I had left on my gift card and I so I ended up getting Batman: Arkham Knight. I’ve been really wanting to play it as well so I think it all worked out anyway.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. I think it went fairly well. She upped the dose of one of my meds and completely changed the other because I wasn’t having any response to it. I’m hopeful that this new med can help me with the racing thoughts because the other one just didn’t seem to be a good fit. I also plan on looking for another neurologist, so that I can get a second opinion concerning epilepsy. I’ve become quite convinced that I have been having some kind of seizure activity. The very thought of being able to take medicine and maybe have my life back to where it was is exciting to me. This past year has been so strange and difficult, but I’m confident that no matter what happens, I’m going to make it.

Yesterday, I also started to go over some algebra stuff. I’m not taking math this semester, but I plan on taking it next semester, and if I don’t brush up on what I’ve already learned then I think I’ll do very poorly in the class. I also found out that I aced my map quiz in western civ. I felt good about it due to me meticulously going over the map again and again before the quiz. I find myself looking forward to the class because I enjoy learning about history and how civilizations rose to power, as well as how they came to their demise.

It has also occurred to me that I now have a greater understanding of the world. I don’t mean to say that I have a greater understanding just because of this class, but it certainly does help. In anthropology we are learning about culture. I have grown up here in America. I had a mother and a father and grew up in a Christian environment. But what if I had been born in the Middle East or some other part of the world? Unless someone shared the Gospel with me wherever I was, I might not be a Christian. Rather I would likely be whatever religion was predominant to wherever I was located. My views of the world would probably be radically different because my culture would be different.

I am reminded that my life is so small and that many times, the things that I view as important are only important to me because I’ve been raised to believe that they are. It makes me thankful to have certain things such as food and clean water. Or to sleep in a bed at night or have heat and air conditioning. There is a large population of the world that don’t have a lot of these things. In America, many people view success as how much money you make, but in other parts of the world and even way back in history, I don’t think it was always that way.

What if survival was the only thing that I knew? What if when I woke up I hoped that I would catch some fish or be able to hunt down some food? I’m not saying that Americans don’t have problems or that our problems and issues shouldn’t matter. I’m just saying that I believe our culture has shaped us into who we are and what we value. Take Muslims for instance. There has been a lot of hatred toward them as a people group. Why can’t we take a step back and think about what kind of culture or environment that they were raised in and how it shaped them. You know, put ourselves in their shoes as best we can?

Anywho, I’m getting a little long winded so I’ll let that be all for now. Till next time.


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