Why I’ll never buy an i-phone

While I’m waiting for my next class to start, I want to briefly talk about why I will probably never be buying an i-phone. I’ve always thought that Apple makes great products with its phones. They are usually the front-runners when it comes to innovation, style, and ease of use.

The problems I’ve had with Apple though are the following. First, buying any Apple product is more than just a one time purchase. Because their products are higher end, their add on devices are usually pricey too. One of the main drawbacks of the i-phone is the lack of a micro SD card slot. If you want extra space you are forced to buy the next model up. That can get pricey, when on an Android phone all you need is a cheap micro SD card and you are good to go.

Here’s my biggest pet peeve with the new i-phone. They have removed the headphone jack. They say that it gives them more space to add other features, but I know exactly why they took it out. Apple would like for you to buy wireless headphones from them for over a 150 bucks. There will be an adapter that you can plug into and have hanging off the phone if you want to use your corded headphones, but I still think it’s a horrible decision.

From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense because Apple can sell you something else, but it’s lousy for the consumer. Plus, I don’t buy into the idea that the headphone jack really limits their space. So any chance of me ever purchasing an i-phone just got extremely slim.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Till next time.


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