This will be a pretty short blog post. This has been a very strange week. My Tuesday night men’s group was strange and then hearing someone talk about congestive heart failure made me cry. I have no idea who that is. Then a few minutes ago I randomly think of Hugh Daniel Drive, a road that I’ve been on before, but I have no idea why I’m thinking of it.

Tonight should continue the strangeness, as I go to work at a place where there should be quite a lot of people. Lord help me. I’ve sprayed my body down with some magnesium oil to try and relieve stress. Hopefully that will be enough. I may take some natural calm powder as well in the next few minutes.

Eventually you can expect an update on the weekend. I’m also learning how to play Magic:The Gathering and watching Harry Potter tomorrow night. So I do have that to look forward to. Till next time…


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