The narcissist

So I’m sitting here waiting for these people to get done eating so I can go check the trash cans and I just finished reading a blog/article that literally cut through me like a sharp knife. Every single word of it described the man I used to be. God I am hopeful that I am not that man anymore. 

There is just so much shame and guilt for what I stole from someone. This is in no way an attempt by myself for others to feel sorry for me. I’m past most of that now. I could literally burst into years right where I’m sitting though because of the pain that reading it has caused me. I am going to do something extremely vulnerable because that’s one of my new year’s resolutions is to be more vulnerable in 2017.

When you read it just know that every time it references the narcissist, I was him. I was him for so long, far too long. So here’s an in depth view of the kind of person I used to be.

The narcissist


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