I finally beat Tomb Raider. It was a good game that got a little repetitive and tedious toward the end of the game. As of now, I’m in the middle of the Titanfall 2 campaign and I just started Skyrim. I can tell that Skyrim is going to eat a lot of my time because of how big the world is and the many different ways you can play it.

That’s another thing. I would have bought a PS4 instead of and x-box one, but the x-box one was cheaper and it has backwards compatibility. If I had been gaming all along then I really wouldn’t care about that feature. However, being able to go back and play some of the 360 games is a nice thing to have. I’m really just writing this entry while I wait for the autoclave to finish it’s cycle.

I think a group of us may be going to seeĀ A Monster Calls over at the dollar theater sometime this week or weekend. I’ve never read the book, but I’ve heard good things about the movie even though it wasn’t in theaters for very long. Tonight is also my men’s group. It’s been moved to Tuesday nights instead of Wednesday. We are able to have a bigger room that way and child care for those who have kids so it’s a good thing. I have to admit that it feels a little different and I’m still trying to get used to it being on a different day and in a different room. I think it could be that I’m more nervous because of the bigger crowd to be honest. The more people there are, the more I have to meet new people which is always a big hurdle for me.

Also, when it comes to Spotify I’ve learned that I need to quit adding to one playlist. I have over a thousand songs in one playlist and I’ve noticed that even when I hit shuffle I get a lot of repeats. It makes me wonder what all I have on the playlist that never gets played. Speaking of playlists and songs, I would like to occasionally leave you with a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. So here is the one that currently is receiving lots of plays. Till next time…


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