Current things I’m hearing part 2

So I come home today and what are some of the first things I hear? I hear people talking about Jalen Hurts and how he fumbled the football on the first play. I think they were surprised that he took Alabama all the way to the title game. I asked if the television was left on and received a no answer. Someone was talking about commercials….I don’t know maybe Super Bowl commercials. I couldn’t really tell you because I didn’t watch the game.

Tonight I went to see A Monster Calls at the dollar theater with some friends. I’m going to be completely honest when I say that I only caught about a third of the movie because the whole time I was hearing what sounded like conversations being had. They were more in my head, as is the case when I am out and about or somewhere with other people. I have heard someone mention the name Molly and that’s weird because I know of someone named Molly. Someone was talking about Catholicism as well.

I have heard Virginia mentioned. Or maybe it’s West Virgina. All I know is that someone is talking about Virginia. I hear the name Adam. Brian. Jennifer. Elizabeth. Again, one of the most frequent names that I hear is Donald Trump. I keep hearing about a ticket. Someone is talking about a ticket. Someone keeps saying “Oh my word!”.

So I’m outside of the movie theater watching an episode of Doctor Who and I start to hear people talking about Disney. Yeah… I was driving home it dawned on me that this will probably go down, the last two years I mean, as the strangest, most bizarre, make me question the quantum mechanics of the universe and fate sort of thing. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but I’m going to call it a night and get some sleep.


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