My back and Doctor Who

I’ve somehow managed to throw my back out again. It’s been about a year or so since the last time this happened. Thankfully it’s not entirely too painful to deal with because I caught it quicker this time. However, this has relegated me to spending lots of time laying on a heating pad and laying down in general. That in turn has allowed me to catch up some more on Doctor Who.

I just finished the last episode with Rory and Amy Pond as companions. Then I watched the episode about the WiFi that introduces me to Clara Oswald. I don’t really have an opinion about Clara just yet. She’s still very new to me so I’ll have plenty of time to compare her to other companions. I need to say that Matt Smith’s Doctor continually grows on me each episode. He’s a bit more eccentric than David Tennant, which I think fits his personality. As sad as I was to see Rory and Amy go, I do admit I’m very curious to see how Clara fits in as the new companion. Will she be more serious or lighthearted? Will she challenge the Doctor like Amy and Rory did, or will she just go with the flow?

It still baffles me as to why I never watched Doctor Who until now. I’m a sucker for science fiction and especially time travel. You’d think I would have checked it out earlier, but unfortunately I’ve only started watching it within the past year or so. The good part about that though is that I have plenty of material to gorge on. I even have the “I’m the Doctor“theme by Murray Gold as my ringtone for my phone. Sometimes I just want to let it sit there and ring so that I can listen to it.

I think that will be all for now. Till next time…


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