Music for the win

I would like to take this blog to talk again about my passion for music. For me, I think that music is one of the greatest forms of expression. There are songs that can transport you to another place and another time. There are songs for anger, depression, joy, peace, and many other emotions. Growing up I didn’t have a lot of access to secular music. The only types of songs that I knew were either Gospel or oldies. I had a little exposure to Elvis and The Beach Boys, but that was about it.

I was really into video games before I was a teenager. That was my thing, video games. The only other music that I had exposure to was from films such as the Rocky movies and a few others. What really catapulted me into listening to music was in 2001. I was a teenager then and MTV and VH1 still played music videos, especially late at night. That’s when I discovered Dave Matthews Band. I believe it was the song “The Space Between”, that got me hooked. Those were the days of Napster and other programs where you could download music. After downloading a few of their other songs I went out and bought Listener Supported on dvd. I must have watched that show dozens of times, being particularly fascinated with Rapunzel and Warehouse.

The next thing I knew I was on and asking people to recommend new bands to me. I’ll never forget the first time I heard “Bullet the Blue Sky” by U2. It was an entirely new sound to my ears. Needless to say, that Christmas I had asked for U2’s Live in Boston dvd and the Joshua Tree album. Hear I am years later, and my two favorite bands are the one’s that I just previously mentioned. Anywho, I could take the time to list all the different types of music I listen to now, but that would take far too much time. Let’s just say that I am supremely happy subscriber to Spotify.

On one hand, I don’t necessarily own any of the music, but on the other hand I can listen to almost anything I want at any given time. I’ve been thinking about getting into collecting vinyl records now that digital music seems to be all the rage. I still have my old cd’s in one of those big binders, but I can’t tell you the last time I listened to a cd. I feel like with vinyl that I would be getting the album art and liner notes and would actually sit down and listen to the actual record.

Actually, before I go out and buy a vinyl record player and some records I would like to get a nice pair of headphones. There are some things which just were meant for listening with headphones. I had planned to go a little bit more in depth in this blog, but I think that’s enough for right now. Till next time…


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