Erase The Day

It has come to my attention that I’ve done everything in the past two years but admit that I could realistically be struggling with schizophrenia. I lost my dad to a heart attack in 2012 and only a few years later had a treasured friendship end. I’ve spent a long time trying to re-establish contact […]

Headphones and John Wick 2

Finally, I’ve bought me a decent pair of headphones. Today I’m going to talk about my initial impressions. I may feel differently about them after a few months of use. I’ll give you a little context on how I came to these headphones. Previously, the most I’d ever spent on headphones was around thirty dollars. […]

My review of La La Land

Last night I went to the theater and saw La La Land. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for a good romance story or romantic comedy. This happened to be a musical with shades of romance and comedy. I’m going to talk about what happened in the movie so if you haven’t seen it yet and […]


It is quite a beautiful night outside. I just came in from looking at the stars and I’m in awe of God’s creation. I think that many times I have just gone through the day and then the evening without even taking the time to behold the beauty in the sky. Also, I just found […]

The Trump travel ban

I hope I don’t come off sounding ignorant on this issue, but I wanted to voice my opinion about the travel ban that President Trump is issuing. I will say that I voted for Donald Trump because of his views on abortion. That was really the only reason that I voted at all was because […]

A Fantasy World

I realized while playing Skyrim yesterday that I really enjoy fantasy based games and films. I have always had a special place in my heart for The Lord of the Rings trilogy even though I’ve still yet to read the books. Perhaps that’s something I should try and bite off in the near future. Some of […]

Music for the win

I would like to take this blog to talk again about my passion for music. For me, I think that music is one of the greatest forms of expression. There are songs that can transport you to another place and another time. There are songs for anger, depression, joy, peace, and many other emotions. Growing […]